Company Brief Description

Since its inception in 1983, according to the Investment Law No. 43 for year 1974, as an Egyptian Governmental Corporation, Egypt Gas Co. has beenthe major operating corporation in Natural Gas Distribution EPC-based Projects and one of the pioneer companies that solely formed, for decades, the shape of Natural Gas field in Egypt.

With more than 7000 employees and 34 Customer Service Centers, covering more than "4.5" Million Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers, all over Egypt in addition to our vast experience in the field of EPC-based projects that vary from Onshore/Offshore Platforms Services to national construction projects.

Internationally, Egypt Gas prides itself of having official Branches in many countries outside Egypt, such as:
⦁    Jordan (Fully Operating).
⦁    United Arab of Emirates, Abu Dhabi, (under Establishment).
⦁    Kuwait, Kuwait, (under Establishment).
⦁    Oman, Masqat, (under Establishment).

Furthermore, Egypt Gas has International representation offices in several countries in the Arab Nation, such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia; in addition, we are aiming at expanding our active zones in the Middle East & Africa.

Egypt Gas have a full arsenal of Equipment, fully prepped, maintained and in the perfect condition ready for job execution at all times, that equipment vary from Heavy Machinery (such as Side Booms, Tesmec Trencher, HDD Machines, …) to Power tools.

Such various equipmentare maintained in Egypt Gas’ owned Workshops located in different governorates.

All that history of success supported by a 35 Years of experience manifested concisely as follows:

Natural Gas EPC-Projects.

1.    Engineering.
Egypt Gas undertakes the land survey, P&A Survey and design of all activities of the Natural Gas Project, starting from High Pressure Transmission Pipelines all the way down to In-Buildings feeding Networks, all according to the International Standards and using the latest technologies.

2.    Construction of Transmission Pipelines & PRS’s:
Egypt Gas constructs High Pressure Transmission Pipelines in different materials such as Carbon Steel and HDPE, along with all necessary Pressure Reduction Stations (PRS’s) that reduce the gas pressure from the High Pressures in Transmission Pipelines to the required Pressures in the distribution Networks, all including its components (Separators, filters, heaters, meters, regulators, Odorizing systems, valves, …, etc.), in all various capacities.

3.    Construction of Distribution Networks and Regulators:
Egypt Gas constructs the Distribution Networks along with all the necessary Pressure Reduction Units (PRU’s) to produce the required pressures adequate for residential usage. In addition to the Service Lines that feed various facilities.

4.    Gas in Buildings.
Egypt Gas constructs the External/Internal installations of the Gas piping networks, including the meter/regulator unit installed at every residential unit.
furthermore, Egypt Gas fabricates and installs the necessary Flues required for the System, in addition, Egypt Gas performs the necessary Ignition system conversions, so as all appliance could be compatible with the usage of Natural Gas System.

5.    Operations & Maintenance.
After project completion Egypt Gas performs the operation of the entire Network and the management of the Natural Gas consumption in Egypt Gas concession, in addition to all the necessary maintenance of the entireNatural Gas System, in a manner that guarantees the permanent safety of the Natural Gas Network.

6.    Fabrication of Natural Gas Installation Accessories.
Egypt Gas designs, fabricates and installs some of the simple installation accessories necessary for Natural Gas project installations, all in Egypt Gas’ own Workshops and according to International Standards and using the latest technologies.

Constructional EPC-Projects:

1.    Integrated EPC Civil Projects.
Egypt Gas performs integrated Civil Works using its own equipment and by the hands of its highly qualified skilled labors, in addition to Civil Repair Works and Maintenance Works for reinforced concrete facilities along with all the necessary infrastructure of the Natural Gas Network.

2.    Integrated EPC Mechanical Projects.
Egypt Gas performs integrated Mechanical Works using its own equipment and by the hands of its highly qualified skilled labors, such as CS, HDPE and GRE pipelines construction, Tanks construction and maintenance, Offshore Platforms rehabilitation, Fire Proofing, Painting Works and Splash Zone Coatings.