Previous Experience EPC Projects

1. Supply & Installation of Pipelines Projects:

  • Project: Construction of 10" Pipeline in New Salheya City, with total length 9km.

  • Client: Nouran Sugar Factory.

  • Project: The construction of Administrative Capital Pipeline Project, with diameter from 6 – 20 inch, and length more than 50 km

  • Client: Administrative Capital Company

Project: One of our current major projects is constructing the North Gas Pipeline with diameter of 36" with an approximate length of 27 KM in Jordan.  
  1. 2. Storage Tanks Construction & Maintenance:

Egypt Gas is executing complete fabrication and installation of Cylindrical Storage Tanks (floating roof & fixed roof) for crude oil & water, in addition to conducting the required maintenance works including desludging, cleaning, painting & lining.

  • Construction Project: Construction of Crude Oil Tank & Water Tank (2000 m3/ Tank) at Ras Ghareb, Red Sea.
  • Client: General Petroleum Company -GPC.
  • Maintenance Project: The Repair of Damietta Propane Tank

  • Client: United Gas Derivatives Company – UGDC


Egypt Gas is also executing complete construction of L.P.G Spherical Tanks with capacity up to 2500 m3, including design, material supply, fabrication, erection & painting, in addition to testing and pre-commissioning. 


  • Project: Construction of (2) L.P.G. Sphere Tanks (500 m3 / Tank) at Damanhur/ Housh Eisa/ Behera.

  • Client: Delta Gas Company.



  1. 3. Installation of Cathodic Protection works:

Egypt Gas has implemented cathodic protection systems, for transmission steal pipelines of all diameters, and all steel structures.


Egypt Gas also undertaken the earthing Systems for all Oil & Gas companies, energy plants, water and sewage companies and power plants in EPC Basis.

  • Project: Rehabilitation of cathodic protection systems for Crude Oil Pipelines – Ain Sokhna – Dahshour – Sidi Krer

  • Client: Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company – SUMID

4. Offshore Platforms Maintenance & Rehabilitation:

Egypt Gas is specialized in performing complete maintenance for offshore platforms under / above sea level, the maintenance including: mechanical works, diving activities, in addition to painting and scaffolding activities as per the following:

a. supply, design, construction & replacement of boat landing & barge bumpers including the installation of  rubber fenders.

b. Helideck painting, marking and safety net replacement.

c. Under water cutting and welding visual inspetion.

d. Supply, design, construction & replacement of firefighting system, stairs & grating.

e. Installing of lighting explossion proof system.

  • Project: Rehabilitation of Hapy Offshore Platform, Mediterranean Sea, Portsaid

  • .Client: The Pharaonic Petroleum Company – PhPC.


5. Electromechanical Works:

Fire Fighting Works:

Egypt Gas is executing all required fire protection and fighting system, which is comprises the following: (fire alarm system, CO2 firefighting system, Foam system, Firefighting Pumping units, Firefighting water tank & cooling ring for tanks).

  • . Project: Replacement of the halon fire extinguishing system for X & T area in Abu Sannan – West Desert. In addition to the replacement of conventional fire alarm and halon fire-fighting systems existing in Abu Sannan.

  • . Client: General Petroleum Company -GPC


6. Abrasive Blasting, Protective Coating & Insulation Works:

Egypt Gas is nominated as a Protective Painting works applicator since 1989 in petroleum sector industry (using different coating manufactures) with milestones of total area more than 2,500,000 m2 up-to-date for most of the petroleum sector companies, the performed Services including Onshore & Offshore painting activities for both internal & external surfaces, in addition to Atmospheric & Splash Zone areas, with all surface preparation activities (dry, wet, water jetting, power & hand tools).

All Painting activities are conducted using highly qualified crews, under the supervision of internationally certified Inspectors.

Egypt Gas have several annual contracts with sister companies, such as: Petrobel, GUPCO, Suco, Khalda, Petrosilah and PhPC.

  • Offshore Painting Project: performing blasting and painting works for Baltim East offshore platform, Nile Delta, for total area over 11,300 M2.

  • Client: Belayim Petroleum Company - PETROBEL

  • Onshore Painting Project: performing blasting and painting works (Internal & External) for Petrobel tank in Abu Rudies, for total estimated area over 4000 m2.

  • Client: Belayim Petroleum Company – PETROBEL


  1. 7. Fire Proofing & Insulation Works (Hot, Cold and Acoustic):

  1. Fire Proofing Works:

Egypt Gas is specialized in the application of Epoxy Intumescent Coatings (Chartek-VII & Pitt-Char XP, Jotachar JF750), using Single & Dual Airless Spray Pumps to provide superior Fire and Corrosion Protection under hydrocarbon and jet fire conditions, in addition to the cementations Fire Proofing using (Pyrocrete 241 HY from Carboline or Fendolite MII HY from Promat) applied by spray and/ or trowel.

Egypt Gas have several annual contracts with sister companies, such as: Petrojet, Suco, Burullus, Gasco and UGDC.

  • Project: application of Passive Fire Proofing material (PFP) on the steel structures in Zohr Field, for total area exceeded 13,000 M2.

  • Client: PETROJET.

  • Project: supply & application of Passive Fire Proofing material (PFP) for supported columns of 2 L.P.G Sphere Tanks

  • Client: Suez Oil Company - SUCO

  1. Insulation Works (Hot, Cold and Acoustic):

Egypt Gas performed more than 111,000 m2 of Thermal Insulation works, using “Rockwool” for Hot Insulation and “Polyurethane” Injection & "Foam Glass" for Cold Insulation, in addition to Sandwich Panels installation activities.

  • Project: performing hot & cold insulation works in Ras Shukier Site.

  • Client: Egyptian Bahraini Gas Derivatives Company- EBGDCo

  • Project: performing hot & cold insulation works at the Smart village for pressurized vessels and pipes.

  • Client: GASCO

  1. 8. Scaffolding Works:

Egypt Gas Performed more than 250,000 Scaffolding Operations onshore and offshore, using certified system and equipment in accordance with the International Standerds and codes. these scaffolds where erected, dismantled and modified with no injuries to personal, no damage to equipment and no harm to the enviroment. 

Egypt Gas have several annual contracts with sister companies, such as: Petrobel, GUPCO, Suco, Rashpetco, Zeitco and Khalda.

  • Offshore Project: Erecting & Dismantling scaffolding for FF Offshore Platform, at North Amer.
  • Client: General Petroleum Company - GPC
  • Onshore Project: Erecting & Dismantling scaffolding for Propane Tank in Damietta field

  • Client: United Gas Derivatives Company – UGDC

  • 283 certificates were obtained from the British Institution CITB - Construction Industry Training Board for installing and inspection of scaffolding works and the certificates are valid until 2019.