QHSE Policy

QHSE and Energy Saving Policy

Egypt Gas main activities are construction, Operation and maintenance of both pipe lines and pressure reduction stations that supply residential, commercial and industrial facilities with natural gas fuel, also the company undertakes all other petroleum services projects in Egypt and abroad using the latest technology and according to international standards to achieve clients  requirements and satisfactions , and to guarantee the protection of the surrounding natural and industrial environment through creating of safe work conditions that fulfill our employees  safety from injuries and work related illness and save energy.

These strategic goals of the company are achieved through the following criteria:

  • - Performing The companys scope of work by directive support to achieve QHSE demands and Energy saving.

  • - Commitment to apply all laws and legislations that applied on Egypt Gas activities and services in the field of QHSE and Energy saving to assure conformity.

  • - Continuous improvement of the performance of management systems implemented in Egypt Gas to ensure the Continuous improvement of QHSE systems and rationalization of resources  consumption .

  • - Striving to meet and satisfy customers  requirements.

  • - Commitment to prevent hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks.

  • - Preventing pollution and negative environmental impacts that might affect the surrounding environment.

  • - Identifying , evaluating and preventing of environmental effects by setting the required controls.

  • - Continuous enhancement of employees’ skills and competence  in QHSE field, through the latest effective training programs.

  • - Commitment to consultation and participation with workers and labor representatives wherever they may be.

  • - Commitment to continuous improvement of efficiency of Energy saving for consumable energy operations.

  • - Providing information and resources that achieve the company objectives and goals of QHSE and energy saving.

  • - Commitment to Increase employees  awareness of QHSE and energy saving methods.

  • - Commitment to apply national and international standards , therefore Egypt Gas adopted QHSE and energy saving systems that comply with the international standards (ISO-9001-14001, ISO-45001, ISO-50001) with all its various editions .

This policy is periodically revised and available for all employees, clients, suppliers and concerned parties.