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Our Core Values are Commitment, Courtesy, Competence , Responsibility and Integrity.

Chairman’s Word

It’s a privilege as one of Egypt Gas men for such a long time and now as the Chairman of such a great edifice, to introduce Egypt Gas Company one of the most reputable and successful companies in the Field of Natural Gas Distribution in Egypt and the MENA Region with major steady steps in the Oil & Gas Field.

Since its inception in 1983, as the first Egyptian Company Solely Specialized in Natural Gas Distribution EPC-based Projects, Egypt Gas has held a remarkable record of long, outstanding and prosper history of success.

Such eminence is reached by the hands and conscientious efforts of its foresighted men, armed with the persistent pursuance of development and constant growth, which creates a rock solid ground to always stand upon while extending an aspiring eye to a brighter future.

Derived by our eternal ethics, values and tireless ambition, thrives our clear Vision to a future full of potentials, with every successful breakthrough with Egypt Gas’ name on it.

Eng. / Wa’el Gowayed
Chairman and Delegated Member

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Egypt Gas Scope of services

Since its inception in 1983, Egypt Gas developed several Scopes of Services that cover a wide range of activities in the Oil & Gas field and other related fields as well, such vast experience enabled us to build a long lasting history of success to be inherited through the following generations.